South Dakota Elk Breeders Association Hosts Dinner for Legislators

The South Dakota Elk Breeders Association (SDEBA) was proud to host a complimentary elk dinner in the Rotunda Room of the Capital Building in Pierre, South Dakota, during the 1999 legislative session. Over 400 elk French dip meals were served by the SDEBA members to the legislators, lobbyists, and guests of the session. SDEBA's goal was to promote the elk industry, as well as the low fat/high protein aspects of the meat, and we communicated the following message to South Dakota legislators:

The elk industry is steadily growing in South Dakota. Many farms and ranches have incorporated elk into their operations. Elk are a species natural to the South Dakota plains, and they do very well as an agricultural animal. Breeding stock, velvet antler production, meat production, and hunting opportunities are among the top markets. Elk meat has less fat and higher protein than beef or bison, along with an outstanding flavor sure to please everyone's tastes.

The SDEBA is taking an active role in the promotion of the elk farming industry in South Dakota and is striving to increase awareness of the profitability and pleasures involved with the breeding, raising, viewing and consuming of elk and elk products.

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