1999 SDEBA Members Competition Results

1999 North Central Antler Competition

2nd Place · Hard Antler Non-Typical Mature
Antlers from Claude of Holt Elk Ranch

Tied for 3rd Place · Velvet Antler 7 Year Old
Antlers from Kicker of A.S.S. Ranch
3rd Place · Hard Antler Typical 6 Year Old
Antlers from Biter of A.S.S. Ranch

6th Place · Hard Antler Typical 5 Year Old
Antlers from Royal One of Crown Royal Elk

1999 International Antler Competition

2nd Place · Mature class non typical hard antler
Antlers from Claude of Holt Elk Farm

8th Place · Mature class velvet antler
Antlers from Kicker of Diamond Z A.S.S. Ranch

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