The South Dakota Elk Breeders worked with Hunt of a Lifetime to sponsor Kenny Lorenzo on a guided elk hunt on Stonemeadow Ranch on January 18, 2001.

Kenny Lorenzo always wanted to go on an elk hunt. Unfortunately, Kenny, a 12 year old lad from Ohio almost missed that opportunity. Several years ago Kenny noticed bruising and fatigue while playing football. Not an unusual finding for an active pre-adolescent, that is, not until he was noted to be jaundiced as well. A check up with his physician revealed more than any family would like to have heard. Kenny had a very severe form of leukemia. After months of chemotherapy, Kenny was contacted by Hunt of a Lifetime, a Pennsylvania based group, to grant Kenny his greatest wish, to go on an elk hunt. Tina Pattison, the director of Hunt of a Lifetime, contacted the South Dakota Elk Breeders Association in regards to arranging a hunt through their organization. The SDEBA contacted Dr Rob Bathurst, a member of the SDEBA and the owner of Stonemeadow Ranch located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

Pattison then contacted Gander Mountain and Cabela’s and Kenny was provided a rifle with scope and winter clothing for his hunt. On January 17, 2001 Kenny arrived at Stonemeadow Ranch. Kenny and Dr Bathurst went to a remote area of the ranch and sighted Kenny’s Remington 700 30-06 in and Kenny was ready to go.

On the morning of January 18, Kenny woke up bright and early and was ready to hunt. After a hearty breakfast, Kenny, Dr Bathurst and a camera man headed off into the rough and rugged terrain of Stonemeadow Ranch. Kenny was bothered a bit by the altitude but after several hours and after spooking a small bunch of bulls, Kenny was able to shoot a very wide 5X6 bull elk at about 85 yards. Kenny was so excited after his successful hunt that he could hardly talk.

Dr. Bathurst is an Emergency Room Physician. He and his wife Shannon own and operate Stonemeadow Ranch. They specialize in hunts for physically disadvanted hunters desiring an hunt in a Black Hills setting. Kenny Lorenzo is back in school but with memories and a Hunt of a Lifetime experience.

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